Fishing Tips

All the info you need to get the most out of your fishing.
  1. Helpful Articles

    How to Catch a Fish, by Steve Cooper
  2. Tips For Popular Species

    Catching squid
    Whiting tips
    Tips for catching flathead
    Snapper on plastics
    Tips for tailor
  3. General Tips

    Finding productive fishing spots
    Top times for freshwater
    The best rod angles
    Best time of day to fish
    Using a fish’s competitiveness to your advantage
    Choosing a beach to fish
    Finding fish
    Finding fish by watchin
  4. Tackle Selection

    Rovex leader/trace recommendations for popular fish
    Braided fishing lines
    Choosing the right fishing line
    Fishing with floats
    Selecting fishing hooks
    Sinker selection
    Choosing the best hook for each situation
  5. Lure Fishing

    Catching fish on lures
    Tsunami Lures Pro Tips and lure suggestions for popular fish
    Catching more with soft plastics
    Using sinking lures
  6. Bait Fishing

    Attracting fish with berley
    Finding live bait
    Using live bait